26 November 2013

Help! I need somebody!

I need to be absolutely frank. Maybe this is the half-bottle of wine speaking, but lately my teaching job sucks. There is literally no other way to describe how I feel. I am over-worked, underpaid, unskilled to do this job, and the newest addition to the list: disrespected. The combination of these quickly becomes an altogether scary, sad, and painful realization. And that bad boy hits me daily.

But, you know what makes me feel better? Gives me a little perspective?

...digging into my Bible every morning. It is insane the way that spending 10 minutes with the Big Guy can change my outlook for the day. Focusing my prayer on those who can't help what they are doing or are just flat out wrong in what they are doing makes me realize that there are so many things beyond my control and that trust in the Lord has got to be huge. I'm studying Jonah right now and sometimes I swear this point in my career is when I am in the belly of the fish. I just have to trust that I will be spit back out on to dry land soon... (:

But also, writing makes me feel like I am making a little bit of a difference. Specifically blogging. Seriously, if ANYONE gets anything from my somewhat miserable time in this little town, I will know that there was a purpose for my experience here. Also, if anyone is willing to keep a sista accountable for spilling my guts appropriately and confidentially reflecting on my experiences, holler. I need it!

I am writing a post right now for a little tech Tuesday info- check back if you are interested in how you can do oral testing with very few actual voices to read.

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