04 January 2014

currently january

A little late to Farley's Link Up... but better late than never!

B & I have been borderline obsessed with Breaking Bad for the last month. We watch it on Netflix every night, and we're about halfway through the last season right now. I'm not sure what we'll do when it's over... Suggestions?

Because our break with the parents was a little busy, we left some of our Christmas presents in the box/package until we got home to make sure we didn't lose pieces and stuff. It was so smart. Now, I am unpacking in the red house and finding fun little things... It's like Christmas, round 2!

Recent changes to my job have given me renewed excitement for teaching! I worked a bunch yesterday, setting up centers and moving our group work and independent work areas around, but I can't stop thinking about all of the ways I can rearrange my ONE (I used to have two... yuck) cute little classroom. Check back for pictures.

Thought I am excited, a longer break never hurt anyone I'm sure... (:

I DESPERATELY need to start exercising again. With all the teaching stress and craziness, that part of my life slid by the wayside last semester. We officially booked our honeymoon for March, so now I am definitely feeling the pressure to get my large butt to the gym.

We had two lovely Christmases this year with both of our families. I felt really good about the way we split our time and whatnot. No stress, no drama, just lots of quality time with the people we love. Talk about good memories!


  1. I have not watched Breaking Bad (I might have to try it out though), but I recently watched the whole season of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Do you or have you watched that? It is addicting!

    Happy New Year!


    1. My parents have been talking about Sons of Anarchy forever! I think I may convince my husband to start it with me tonight since we just finished all of the Breaking Bad available on Netflix... You should definitely try it! (:

  2. Hi...thanks for stopping by! I am always late to the party as well, haha! We were pretty obsessed with Breaking Bad here, and the hubby is a huge Sons of Anarchy fan, too. I am more of a Walking Dead girl. :)

    Flamingos and Butterflies

    1. Ok, I'm convinced on SoA! (: I have heard about Walking Dead, but haven't ever seen it. Is it super zombie-ish? Like on an unrealistic level?