03 April 2014


Ok, can I just say that Farley is my girl? [or I want her to be]. Seriously. This is the most simple reflection piece and if I actually did it every month, I think it would be sweet to look back on. Also, love that she does this with her class. Um, hello, 4th grade reflective writing. Um, hello, rapport building. 

Um, anyways.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a 45 minute drive to work on a dark, unlit highway (or that I have an elementary school literally a block from my house... another story for another time)? Every morning, I call my lil nug Al and we complain strategize for the upcoming day, since we have kinda matchies jobs. She usually gets to school before I do, so I finish my ride by listening to my boos on the Bobby Bones Show and/or iTunes radio. Then I workworkwork and finish my day pretty much the same way.

Can I just get a hallelujah for Fridays? I am taking a life guard course this weekend, so I will be pretty busy, but at least I get a smidge of a break from s-c-h-o-o-l.

I know it's only April, but I have been thinking about next year for the last couple months and it is starting to get real. I have some kids aging into new settings, so there will be lots of schedule/transition planning over the next few weeks to make sure we at least attempt an appropriate placement for next school year!

STAAR testing is not my boo. Somebody get me into a primary job, STAT. Oh wait... Because I am at a teeny tiny school and I am sassy and kids seem to tolerate me, I get a lot of special jobs. For instance: ALL of the STAAR Alt testing for elementary. For instance: Administering STAAR & STAAR-M to nuggets who probably need a swift kick in the hiney an extra encouraging face to help them remember that they can do their best and this is just a test and it's not a big deal, but please don't sandbag, kthx.

I have been a step counting machine lately. I use a FitBit Force (which I know has been recalled, whatever, I don't have any blisters) and I set my goal at 10,000 per day. I would say I hit the goal about 4 days a week. Also, fun fact, it is quite durable. Just ask my students who use it as a fidget in class when we are singing songs that they don't actually like.

First off, I am the kind of person who does well under pressure. Thus, I usually leave my room a hot mess in the afternoon and then magically clean it and set it up for the next day between approximately 7-7:30am. At 7:30am, the lil chica I am tutoring, aka life coaching, comes in and we work on some reading. Then, she leaves at 7:50, and I go outside to start the pick-up process with my PPCD. I think school starts at 8? I'm not sure. I am usually in the cafeteria at that point. My PPCDs leave at 11 & 12:30, and then school technically gets out at 2:50 for some kids, and then the ones who need a little extra loving (aka didn't pass the STAAR last year or didn't pass the benchmarks) stay for mandatory tutoring from 3-3:30.  I think we get out June 6th, maybe? Who the heck knows. I am probably going to get suckered into teaching summer school, so I get out never, maybe?


  1. Oh my goodness you are busy. Testing time is no fun. It takes someone special who can teach older kids. I can't believe they have mandatory tutoring. I hope my boss doesn't see this! :) Have fun at your life guard class this weekend.
    Fourth and Goal in Fourth Grade

    1. Haha, Barbara here's a little secret- some teachers actually LOVE the mandatory tutoring time, because it allows them to just work with a teeny tiny group of kiddos and not have to worry about managing centers, etc. for the rest of the class. (:
      You must definitely be that special person to be a fourth grade teacher!

  2. I am so excited tomorrow is Friday too! It sounds like you are exactly what those little ones need! :) Hang in there!!

  3. Wee! I LOVE your blog!!...and we have lots in common! Besides our love of organization...I am a "first year" teacher too...working with students with special needs as well! I am your newest follower. =]

    Thanks for your kind words about my bulletin board. It varies the amount of time I need to spend...but typically a few hours because A) I am a perfectionist and B) My bulletin board is H-U-G-E. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Organizer nerd question- what kind of planner do you have?
      A few hours?! You are the bomb. My para usually goes to town on my bulletin board and it's not always exactly what I want, but I quickly learned that this year is all about picking my battles! ;)