11 January 2014

my first ever

this is my first time ever link up with doodle bugs, and i must say that i am pretty darn excited. clearly, because i am late to the game. can we just call it fraturday, like my favorite lil teacher?

Proud of me for eating healthy lunches brought from home this week! I tried bringing a whole veggie tray to stash in my fridge at work so that I could munch on it all week and not have the excuse of forgetting something. It worked pretty well! Next step: district wide "Biggest Loser" next week!

We've been working on walking in a line in my room this week... It is faaaaar more challenging than one might expect. Looking forward to my rope & ring set that is hopefully coming in soon!

STAAR Alt window opened Monday... Anyone else panicking?!

I used some work from this awesome unit this week from Teaching Special Thinker's TPT store. I adapted it a little bit to make some of the tasks more focused on matching and the kiddos really seemed to eat it up.

I got some sweet compliments in my new do this week at school, and it was so nice to spend less time on it in the mornings. 10 inches for 10 extra minutes of sleep: EXCELLENT TRADE


  1. Hey there! I just ran across your blog! I would love to add your blog to my list of special education blogs! I am also a special education teacher and know the joys and the struggles of special education. Come on over to see how other special ed teacher/bloggers and myself plan and make it through the school year while planning effective and engaging lessons all while handling the pressures of school in general. Stop by my blog!
    Mrs. H’s Resource Room

    1. Please do add me to the list! This is a special (no pun intended!) niche in the teaching world and I think we have to band together! (: