14 June 2014

Sell It Saturday: KISS

Though I am moving into a new phase in my teaching life, I did (and do, and maybe will again!) love my time in special education.

Two of my favorite products on my very undeveloped TPT store are my favorite because they are {not fancy}. When working with students who have more significant needs, I like to remember this lil phrase:


Both of these products you could easily make on your own, I'm sure, but if you slip me just one smackeroo, I can save you at least five minutes!

check it out here!

check it out here! 

They can be used in a special education classroom OR a pre-k/kinder class, and the possibilities for use are pretty much endless. They support differentiated learning opportunities, too, so lots of kiddos at lots of levels could use the same materials at the same time. I listed some ideas on my TPT product listings, but just off the top of my head you could use either of the printables to make:
  • flashcards
  • file folder games
  • matching games for 1-1 correspondence
  • matching games to learn numeral/set correspondence
  • matching games to learn numeral/number word correspondence
  • matching games to learn number word/set correspondence
  • matching with clothespin games
  • laminate and glitter glue them for tactile counting practice
  • ________________________ <your idea here!
We also know that with young children and students with significant special needs, using the SAME things when teaching a skills can be really beneficial initially. So, you can use these bad boys over and over again!

Alright, I'll get off my soap box and back to working on my Sub Tub! Happy Saturday!

[Thanks for the cute linky, Kristin. It's motivating me to get to work!]


  1. I'm glad you like the graphic! I agree with you. Sometimes, even though it's something we could make ourselves, it's nice to have it already made. Do you use Word or PowerPoint to make your products? Just curious. Thanks for linking up!


    1. I usually use Word in the publishing layout view, which is basically like the old school Microsoft Publisher!