11 April 2014

5 For Friday

Y'all, this has seriously been the longest week. I have been in my classroom like a total of two half days, Monday-Friday. And guess what? I actually like to teach. It's what I wanted to do when I took this job.And when I'm there, I can make sure my room doesn't have to be rearranged because apparently kids do things like, oh, I don't know... climb halfway out the window (story for another time, my friends) when you aren't watching them and following the set routine and classroom protocol.

I wasn't at school this week partiallu because I was attending a professional development session on Tuesday. It was actually great. Real life lawyers presented on hot topic legal issues that special education programs are facing. Sometimes it is tough being in a non typical sped teaching situation, but in cases where I get to go to super helpful info sessions instead of having to get the info second hand from a district rep, I like it.

I haven't been grocery shopping in two+ weeks. So my lunches at school have been dismal. We are seriously living on like Greek yogurt and whatever take-out leftovers we have from the nights we've gone out to dinner. I thought maybe I would step up my game this weekend and go to the HEB, but then I remembered that we are heading to Htown. Which is still 3 hours away. And it is 9pm. Awesome.

I am going to Houston for a coaching conference because I recently started volunteering to help out the local swim team and when they offered to send me to a really cool conference and hook me up with a hotel downtown... I really couldn't say no. I'm also dragging my boo along because we've spent 4 of the last 4 weekends apart and sometimes we like to spend quality time together. He is going to have SO MUCH FUN doing our taxes while I'm in the sessions tomorrow afternoon. 

 I am really trying to motivate myself to do some fun cutey things with my littles for Easter next week (crafts, dying eggs, some painting maybe?), but you best believe it will mostly depend on how long it takes me to finish up freaking Alt. Which, speaking of, I learned about the changes coming for it today and let me tell you what: extremely standardized. Which I are two sides of: 1) we are supposed to be individualizing like champs, but we want the measure of progress to be the same? That is mildly confusing 2) there does need to be a way to hold teachers accountable- even those who teach LID/Life Skills classes. It truly breaks my heart to see that population pushed to the side. And by "breaks my heart" I mean, pushes me right to the edge and brings out my sassy side. ALL CHILDREN DESERVE TO LEARN. PERIOD. DOT. NO QUESTION. #minirantcomplete

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