17 April 2014

NAILED IT: addendum to pt. 1

A good teacher always knows that when things are working pretty well... they can still get better! (seriously- say that quote in an interview).

I received an email from a sweet lady a few days ago called my attention to some other things that could be added to the part 1ish section of last summer's NAILED IT series. I would go ahead and copy/paste the entire convo here, but we all know I'm already fairly wordy, sooooo let me give you a run down of the basics: "A" is looking to get interview for a job and has been searching websites for 2014-2015 openings, but is "worried applying without my certification which [she] won't be taking the tests for until the first week of May would be a bad choice because [her] application wouldn't be complete since they are online apps and therefore that part would be empty." 

That is an absolutely valid concern, and something that I thought about a lot during my own job search process. Remember, I am not a wizard hiring genius by any means, but speaking from personal experience, here is what I would recommend:
"I would say definitely go ahead and apply without your certification, and attach a note somewhere on the app (even as a PDF if the application requires a PDF of your cert) that says the exact date of your tests and that you will communicate the results as soon as possible. That's what is had to do, too, because even though I'd taken the tests, they were only valid pending my graduation (which was in May).
Also, I would shoot very brief emails to the principals of the schools letting them know when you graduate and take your exams, that you are interested in a specific position, and ask 1-2 specific, educated-sounding questions about the job. That way, your name is out there and if they come upon your application in a pool of 100000, the principal may recognize it and remember you are interested in THEIR school's job (as opposed to ANY school's job... which may be your thought at this point, but the former looks better to an employer😉)."
What do you think? Am I crazy?

In my afore mentioned personal certification dilemma, I had the results of my TEXES tests and looking back, I think I could have easily taken a screenshot and/or downloaded the results (showing that I'd passed) and made them into a PDF to attach to an job application online or email to whomever is concerned at the district, explaining that they would become valid as of May __, 20__.

My last words of wisdom: Make friends with the HR and/or secretaries in the district you want to work in. Those beautiful women (or men!) could make your life so much easier when it comes to job applications and explaining what is really necessary vs. what you can bring it when you get it!

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