15 August 2013

for the mamas and the papas

This week, I'm working like a maniac to get my classroom ready BECAUSE next week is a full week of inservice and this week I spent two full days at an ARD conference annnnd had some last minute doctor appointments on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. PTL for helpful friends and family!

This week's resource isn't exactly a pin... I am working on a brochure about special ed that is geared towards parents. I am trying to give them some basic info without being too overwhelming. So far, I have sections to:
  • defines some commonly used acronyms
  • explain the ARD process
  • define RtI
  • explain our CARE team system
  • explain what happens when a parent requests a special ed. eval
I've worked off of what was already in place, but I'm not totally sold on the info... As a parent (or just put yourself in those shoes!) what would YOU like to know about special ed in an "at-a-glance" format? 

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