08 August 2013

Resource Thursday

This week, my new favorite resource pin is iPad rule posters. I am so, so thankful to have iPads for student use in my classroom. Just off the top of my head, I'm envisioning some extra Handwriting Without Tears practice, communication support, read alouds via iTunes... Technology is a beautiful thing, my friends.

Buuuut, we all know that just sending students off to use a learning tool, especially a learning tool with a pretty hefty price tag, can be disastrous at best. I will be using these iPad rules posters (with some
visual supports) to remind my students how important it is that we treat our learning tools with care.

I'll be printing them today, and then I plan to go over each rule on the posters, do a demo, and then take pictures of students demonstrating proper use to add to them during the first week of school.

Last week's pin for magnet boards is definitely going to be happening... But hasn't yet. This lil lady's gotta finish painting so that I can move my furniture back where it belongs. Cannot WAIT to have a functional classroom so that I can start getting ready to... uh... teach something.

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