18 July 2014

Five for Friday: July 18


This time last week I was on a plane to see some of the sweetest, most hilarious ladies I know. We had a BLAST doing the Warner Brothers tour, going to the beach, cruising around the bay, and seriously just soaking up time with each other. It had been far too long since we'd had a W(h)ine Night!

For the rest of the week, I spent way too much money enjoyed civilization. Ikea, Target, JCrew, Gap, and Hobby Lobby were just some of the places that viciously stole my money. I did some back to school shopping for my classroom and myself and caught some fabulous sales.

I also had a classroom craft/catch up on life night with another sweet college friend and her precious dog. Check out my Monday Made It on Monday (um, duh) to see some of our projects!

I didn't pay real close attention to what I was eating/drinking on my lil trip, so I gained a teensy bit on weight... Even though it was just a little, I found this to be super frustrating because 1) I just paid to do a "challenge" to help me lose weight and 2) I had all the power and resources to NOT have that happen. However, because I thoroughly enjoyed the after effects of my Advocare adventure (and couldn't find anyone less that an hour and a half away to buy from), I decided to become a distributor. I'm hopping back on product here pretty soon and have also started a Three Weeks, No Cheats. My goals were: no sweets, drinking only water, and exercise 30 minutes a day. So far I've definitely exercised, but I've only been able to check off NO 100% successful days of no sweets (margaritas one day, GF cookies the next). It is soooo hard on not being at home but I am determined!

the bikes = exercise... not true winner days ):
I am mission tripping next week and then going on a road trip to round out my summer. And suggestions for audio books? Driving by myself can be pretty lonely and I'll have LOTS of time to listen!

Happy weekend, friends!

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