27 July 2014

New NAILED IT Adventure

Hi, friends! It looks like interview questions are by far my most read post in the Nailed It series. I've also gotten a shockingly large number of e-mails regarding my "golden weakness"...

...so, I'm ready to potentially try something new:

 Practice Interviews

If you are still looking for a job, I AM LOOKING FOR YOU. Contact me ASAP by clicking on the email link at the top of the blog. 

I'll only have time for a few before the craziness of back-to-school starts, and it will likely be a first-come-first-served kind of set up, but I'd love to try this out with a few of you sweet thangs, fo free. I'm not super intimidating (just ask the people who I've been e-mailing back and forth with for months!) and I reallyreally like to be a helper! Let me KINDLY help you hone your people skills, learn to speak your brilliant thoughts out loud, adjust your answers if need be, and practice answering tough questions with a random stranger in a situation where you won't lose a job opportunity! ;)

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