01 July 2014

currently: july

it is a summer miracle! i actually have this month's currently up ON THE FIRST! thanks again to sweet farley for this always fun link-up!

what are you currently doing? share it here!

Ok so that first bit was a little fib- I am not rightatthismoment listening to The One and Only. BUT I have been doing so while I run! It is my motivation. I like walking/running with others but I haven't quite found the right buddy for that yet... And I am loving the book and I've told myself that I can only listen to it while I am actually running. As soon as I slow down to walk I pause it. Don't be toooo impressed though, I am only about 20 minutes into the book so far... (:

I am super jazzed that our backyard plans are in full swing! We've had tons of people come out to do quotes and measure and make estimates and we're hopefully going to start having this beauty overhauled next week! Can't wait to grill on the patio instead of the driveway for the rest of the summer!

This summer I am definitely visiting Los Angeles to see some of my favorites from college, doing a pitstop in Austin to see my bestie, and then coming back for a mission trip in a nearby town with my sweet sister. Following that, I'm planning on spending some quality time in Florida with the fam...

...but I'm waiting to find out when I'll be able to get into my new classroom! I don't want to wait around this super entertaining place all summer if I can't get in until right before school starts BUT I also don't want to spend a whole extra week away when I could be soothing my stress by easing into setting up my new second home. 

This new healthy lifestyle business plus having to go back to a job where I wear real teacher clothes (as opposed to the jeans and tee combo of my PPCD/Sped days) means that I need to add a few more basic pieces to my wardrobe. However, there are verrrry slim pickings I the way of shopping in my little city. Think JCP, Marshall's, and Ross as the PRIMARY options within 2 and a half hours. Not bad stores in a pickle, but not awesome if you have some definite pieces in mind. I also just ordered some black linen pants for work. Thoughts on that? I tried them on in the store but needed a "short" size so I had to wait. They are incredibly comfy and look mildly professional... What would dress them up enough for school? So far I've only thought of a tank and cardi combo.

I am pumped for the 4th! We are planning on floating down the river and then hopping out for a nap (and probably some much needed hydration) before we head over to see the Eli Young Band at an awesome outdoor venue! In keeping with my healthy-ish choices: any suggestions for yummy and low-cal river drinks?

Happy July!


  1. I enjoyed reading your July post. I totally agree with you about waiting for a new classroom! I am waiting on a newer trailer to be delivered to my school, but I have no idea when that will be. I also can't wait to read The One and Only. I have heard great things about it. I don't have any black linen pants but I have olive and white ones. I wear a simple scoop neck top from the Loft and a cute necklace.

    1. Scoop neck and cute necklace sound like a great match! I couldn't wear any jewelry at my last teaching job for safety reasons, so I am having to remind myself that I CAN accessorize...! Thanks for stopping by! (:

  2. I'm ready for the 4th too!!! We usually float the river (frio) and drive about 30 minutes to watch a huge fireworks show as a tradition. It's so awesome to find a Sped blogger in Texas!!

    Miss, Hey Miss

    1. Hey! I'll actually be teaching 2nd grade next year... but I still have a ton of interest in special education and will likely still mention it here and there! Have you been to Neal's?