01 August 2014

Five For Friday: AUGUST 1


First of all... check out the post title^^^^ AUGUST. What the heck just happened?

I ended up sadly having to scratch the road trip I was planning on because my darling father got saddled with jury duty. I am quite upset that I won't get to see the sweet friend I'd planned on staying with in Alabama this summer, buttttt: Blessing in disguise, because I found out that 1) I do have get to attend a two week literacy training (LETRS, anyone?) STARTING ON MONDAY 2) I was able to start working in my classroom this Monday.

Speaking of classroom, my darling father and my sister hauled it down here to help me work in there a little bit. I hate covering bulletin boards. I think it is the worst. But they have a beautiful method so I let them go to town butcher papering all of those bad boys. My crafty little sister also freehanded this mug for me. Is she the stinkin cutest or what?!

I have been doing shockingly well with balance in my diet [not diet as in "only drink cinnamon fire water three times a day with only vegetables and hot dogs to eat"... just my general eating habits]. I've been able to splurge on summer trips a little, but reign it in enough to still have even dropped a couple more pounds past my ending 24 Day Challenge weight! Woohoo! I am headed down to pick up my Bountiful Basket this evening (Click the link if you haven't heard of it- seriously a really cool endeavor, especially if you live in no-man's land like me). It's my first experience, so review to come... but I'm hoping for lots of delicious fruits & veggies that will help keep this healthy train rollin!

This recipe for baked french toast is delicious and awful for you... but mostly delicious. I first made it in mass quantities while I was cooking on the middle school mission trip I helped run last week AND THEN I made it yesterday morning for breakfast since my dad and sister were in town and there were actually enough people in the house to eat a full sized recipe AND THEN I cried tears of joy while I ate it with my side of turkey bacon. It's all about portion control, right? Or something like that.... OMG delicious. Still drooling over it a little bit.

To quote some of my favorite bloggers and teenage drama queens: I JUST CAN'T EVEN... this shirt... Perfection I tell ya. I have added it to my not-so-secret wish list for birthday gifts, etc. pinterest board and will likely purchase it even before a holiday opportunity arrives. Check out this precious little etsy store for more!

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