03 May 2015

may currently

I am recently obsessed with Downton Abbey. I'm on the third season and it just sucks me in. I'm usually in bed by about 8:30 (#promiseimnot50), but a few nights last week I was up until midnight! It's free on Amazon Prime if you have that option and need something to binge watch.

week-end: (n) a time to sit on the couch and follow the journal of the crawley family
My house has been awfully quiet lately, but my sweet puppies and cat are so fabulous at keeping me company. I won't lie, I used to judge people who posted zillions of pictures of their pets, buttttt, I've turned a new leaf... So here's a few of my little nuggets lately:

Agh. Currently, I have been given the opportunity (LOL) to remediate 5th grade students who need to pass a second administration of our state standardized test. I have mixed feelings. I love working on projects like this (plus I get to teach reading allllll daaaaaay). However, I am super sad that I only get to see with my little second grade besties for breakfast each day. I miss them, and I know they were sad when I told them that once again (more on that later...) they would be without me. Here's to hoping for a quick, but successful last week of intensive instruction, and then thoughts on how to spend my last three weeks with my little darlings.

Speaking of, I have heard lots of talk about where I might be going/what I might be doing next year. I am on a VERY strong team, and as much as I hate to admit it, I know that often the beauty of that doesn't get to last long. I have been pulled to work with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students so far this year, plus I was last one hired onto my grade level, so... Who knows. We have a staff meeting on Wednesday this week, so I'm hoping to hear some new information! I'd love to be able to plan ahead effectively. I hate starting out a year behind the curve!

AGH, I desperately need to incorporate a workout routine into my life. I am please with my shrinking figure, but I think now the time has come to focus on maintaining a +/-5lb weight range and begin building some muscle tone and losing some of my delicious bingo wings. Anybody have an recommendations for something I can do at home and still kind of hold myself accountable to?

my year... thank goodness i started paying attention to how i was living!
This summer, I am in a wedding, and attending three others. I got married a tiny bit young, and now many of the sweet girls my age are jumping in on the adventure, too. I am so excited for the showers/bach parties/dinners/ceremonies that are starting this month, especially because this is likely my last year to live in Texas (and so my last year to easily attend these kinds of events). I hope that my summer flies by, honestly. August is going to be an exciting month for my fambam and without working all summer, I am afraid it might drag on. I am going to a couple weeks of LETRS training, weddings, to see my parents and precious sister, and hopefully prepping for whatever is going to happen next year. I'm dreaming that I'll be able to squeeze in some kind of beach-y adventure before I have to go back to school at the end of August, but it will be a tight fit!


  1. I made it through the first 4 seasons of Downton Abbey on Prime this winter - I'm hoping they'll add season 5 over the summer so I can get up to date! Enjoy all of your weddings, they sound like fun!

  2. I have never seen Downton Abbey, but I have heard it's amazing. Maybe I'll check it out this summer! I have never heard anyone say they hope that summer flies...lol... remember to stop and enjoy it because it sounds like yours is going to be pretty packed.

  3. I ADORE Downton Abbey! My Sunday nights are so empty (of fun) now that the season is over! I'm glad to share the obsession!
    Sweet Tea and Second Grade

  4. I'm all about planning ahead but sometimes it's nice to let things go and say "what will be, will be". Hope everything turns out well for your next year, and have a great summer with all the wedding celebrations!