18 June 2013

It's Official!

Today I signed a contract for my new job! I am so excited to officially be hired. The sweet principal gave me the big binder of IEPs, ARD paperwork, work samples, etc. for all of my students. Should make for some nice summer reading.

I also got to get a real feel for my classrooms. There are definitely some pros and cons to these bad boys. They are both really spacious and have TONS of materials. The paint job in one room is a little odd (lime green on one wall and brown on another with bright colored polka dots), but I can probably work around it. Or maybe paint over it?

I didn't do any moving today, even though I was itching to. My room is a hot mess because they literally threw everything deemed "special Ed" into the classroom. I'm talking tables, chairs, computers, iPads, laptops, desks, study carrels, file folders, boxes of curriculum, Leapsters, filing cabinets, manipulatives, worksheets... The list could go on and on. I am pretty overwhelmed by the amount of stuff, but so incredibly thankful that I won't be having to spend much out of pocket to get this classroom up and going.

just one of the goodies found today- this is the smaller of the two!
Final surprise for the day- I get to go to the Handwriting Without Tears conference in Austin. I am super pumped. I got to see my wonderful co-teacher in field-based implement the program with her kinders from day 1 last fall. I loved how logical (little pencils for little hands? Um, duh!) and age appropriate the approach seemed to be. Professional development opportunities were a huge factor when I was applying for jobs, and it really seems like my district is going to give me a bunch!

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