29 June 2013

Ten Pin Linky: Math Ideas

I am loving this fun linky party from Ashley @ Just Reed!

My college teaching math class and the included class observation at a local charter school used the cognitively guided instruction method. CGI [in a very short totally not educational explanation] emphasizes hands on, practical application of math tools with students guiding their learning through real life scenarios. I pretty much jived with this approach, but it doesn't always fit with mandated curriculum, so I try to incorporate little aspects here and there.

This sista is not typically about worksheets, unless they're being used to track what is going on in a hands on, practically applied math experience. However, I also like to provide my nuggets with references they can reflect on, so I enjoy a good resource sheet (that the students fill out so they can make sure they understand what they're referencing)!

For example, while student teaching, I was supposed to teach about coins and adding money, so I made a budget project. Lots of reflection, team work.

Obviously, I also try to incorporate student preference into my teaching. So, if they like a worksheet, I cringe and give a worksheet and check meticulously that they can generalize the skill.

That's why I like elementary math- there is always an answer to, "Mrs. B, when am I going to actually use this?"

With that in mind, check out my favorite ten math pins from my board!

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