28 June 2013

My Favorite Things: Beauty Basics

Though I appear to be a sassy fool in almost all realms of life, I have to admit that I am not very sassy about my arsenal of beauty products. I use whatever is easy to find or has a cute package or is on sale (bonus points if it fits into more than one of those categories). A couple of my favorites are below, though!

I am kind of sweaty lady, especially now that I live in an area that boasts even more oppressive heat than the typical Texas town. So, I always like to start my little make-up routine with primer! Right now I'm using one from Ulta, but have y'all seen this article that says you can use Monistat Chafing Gel in place of Primer? I'm skeptical, but since I'm removed from civilization (aka there is not even a Target here), I'm sure times could get desperate.

I follow my primarily Mary-Kay face of make-up (a little foundation, powder, blush, and mascara on a school morning) with some Burt's Bees or Eos lip balm. I pretty much talk a mile a minute at school, so I like to have those nuggets on hand there, too. 

I also like to throw a little anti-frizz in my luscious locks. I've been using this stuff since I was in about 10th grade. I think it does a pretty good job of keeping my hair from looking like I was electrocuted.

Final beauty basic: A nice hot cup of coffee and my morning devotional. I know these really fit into the morning must haves favorites, but a) I missed that one and b) they makes me more beautiful instantly because I start responding to conversation attempts and start my day with a positive outlook!


  1. Thanks for visiting my Blogs by Grade page! I loved your suggestion to add "Special Ed. Blogger"- why didn't I think of that? I added it tonight. :)

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

    1. Thanks for creating such an awesome resource, Mandy! (: