01 July 2013

Classroom Clean Out

Just a few shots from the ol classroom...

Best believe I won't need to be buying any paper or card stock this year!

Binders on binders on binders. And that yummy neon wall.

A floor, people. I have a floor. Stark contrast from where I started.

Interesting divider wall. It's got a space about a foot wide behind it. The real question, though: what cute stuff would you do with those five rectangle shaped spaces above the bulletin boards? 


  1. You could put up bulletin board paper/board and then add those "motivanal saying" posters up from pinterest!

    1. I thought it was just a little too high to have academic support/anchor chart-y kind of stuff, so motivational sayings would be a great idea! I just discovered that our teacher work room has a cricut machine- perfect for that little project! (: