27 June 2014

Healthy Five Favorites for Friday!

I am going to attempt to make this work for all three link ups (it was too hard to pick just one!)

I haven't been real quiet here about my body being on the struggle bus during the last year. BUT, just in case you didn't know: Something about not being a full time athlete for the first time in 12 years... + driving 90 minutes each day to my first teaching job... + living in a new place with few true healthy choices... + my first year of wedded bliss... did not do pretty things to my waistline over the last year.

But now that I'm getting ready for a fresh start in August, the pressure is on to fit back into all of my cute professional wardrobe and honestly, just feel good.

I've been doing the Advocare 24-Day Challenge for the last 18 days. I've definitely stuck to all of the accompanying strict rules/advice, but I've tried to make this thing my own. I want it to be something I can easily carry into the next school year without having to bend over backwards. I've been trying new recipes and meal planning like a fiend, so without further ado...

My Five Healthy Favorites for Friday:


This salsa chicken is a super versatile, easy recipe that we definitely eat at least once a week. I use organic chicken broth (I know, I know... but it IS less than a dollar more than the other AND it has waaay less sodium!), my favorite Newman's Own Pineapple Salsa, and chicken breasts. If we're just doing it for dinner, I only throw in two good sized ones, but I could easily do 3-4 breasts and take it for lunch a few days during the school week. I cook it on low pretty much all day, and my husband knows that whoever gets home first is just supposed to switch the crockpot to "keep warm). I like this meal for US as well, because I can eat the chicken over a salad, in whole wheat tortillas, with some avocado... etc. and my main squeeze can load up a big ol' flour tortilla with sour cream and cheese and guac and rice (sigh) and make a burrito. Two happy (and skinnier) campers!


Pins like this + my extreme hanger + my tendency to lean towards any and all things sweet or fried when I get hungry have inspired me to keep my fridge well stocked with quick, easy snacks. I also like to think to myself when I am perusing the fridge, "Am I actually hungry, or am I thirsty?" I like to drink a glass of water, and then decide. A list of things I currently have: 
-bell peppers
-string cheese (avoiding until i'm done with the 24 day challenge)
-greek yogurt (avoiding until i'm done with the 24 day challenge)
-left over salsa chicken 


Smoothies- these puppies are only $1.50 (which thinking about, is kinda expensive for ONE homemade smoothie... but I'd say the convenience factor is worth it) at our favorite Tejas grocery chain. I can make them for a snack now, but they're also easy to make at night and put in the fridge for breakfast (with some kind of protein to keep a sista full) once school starts back.


Crockpot buffalo chicken is basically just another easy dinner like the salsa chicken I described above. Tasty, versatile, and SUPER EASY.


Justin's Almond Butter with bananas, apples, celery... a spoon... OMG so delicious. I have to really attempt to measure out proper serving sizes of this stuff when I eat it or I might just inhale the whole jar. The link above is to Amazon because that's how I have to buy it, but if you live anywhere civilized I'm sure you can buy it at your grocery store.

Anyone else having a #healthyteacher summer? How's it going? Any good tips? If so, maybe link up with one or two or three of these pretty ladies!


  1. Woo hoo! Everything you just mentioned made me hungry!!

    1. I was pretty much drooling while typing the post... (:

  2. Those smoothie packs look amazing!

    1. They are SO SO good- and you can't even taste the vegetables! ;)