13 June 2014

5 for Friday


I went to the first in-processing session for my {NEW} job this week, and then immediately called so that I could go up to school and look at my future classroom. My mind is already spinning with ideas, but I'm trying to sloooow it down. If I learned anything last year, it was to prioritize my efforts. I quickly ran out of time and energy to do some important stuff because I'd put tons into things like... shredding files. Um, hello. Totally should have just it in the file cabinet and moved on for the year. However, I am pretty thrilled to have a fairly blank canvas (as opposed to an overgrown storage room full of c.r.a.p) Let's do a quick photo comparison:

[[the 2014 first look]]


I am loving this series from Luckeyfrog's Lilypad . It is so relevant and helpful! Though I am technically not a brand-spankin-new teacher, I am starting in a new district with a totally new teaching position with totally different expectations. I highly recommend that you read and re-read the series if you are a new teacher (or a veteran who wants to refresh their mind before the start of the next school year. [shameless plug] It also feels like the perfect follow-on from my Nailed It! Series.


I had a bunch of fun doing summer linky parties last year, and am now that I actually have time to write, I looking for some good ones to join! Any suggestions?


I mentioned on instagram that I started Advocare's 24-Day Challenge on Tuesday. I gained a fairly extensive amount of weight this year, and I am usually not one for 'fad' diets, blah blah blah, BUT this one looked like something that would help me get back to my healthy eating habits of last year (instead of making me just drink lemonade and cayenne pepper 4x a day or something ridiculous creative like that). Thus far, I am honestly feeling energized and full. I am very glad I didn't attempt the process during the school year though. I've been riding on the ability to plan meals on the fly. I know that will end once school starts back, and I'm hoping to have found some staples to put back into my daily diet.


I lovelovelove to read. But I often have to put it off during the school year because reading consumes my life in the way that video games eat away at most 10-100 year old boys. My 'professional' summer reading list so far consists of: The Leader in Me, Daily 5, Space & Places. My 'for fun' summer reading list: The One & Only, Sharp Objects


  1. The difference between your classrooms is like night and day! It's nice you will be able to get right to prepping your room. I'm really interested in The One & Only. I've been looking for some good non-professional summer reads. If you are interested, I'm hosting a linky party called Sell It Saturdays at my blog. I'd love for you to link up!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

    1. Yep, I'm very excited! Just found a bookshelf to add to it today. (: The Sell It Saturdays link button is adorable!