01 June 2014

resolutions & reflections

In January, I listed some resolutions for myself in the New Year. What a concept. I'm revolutionary, I tell ya what. 

Seriously, though, in the past, I've "made resolutions" ...and then just left them hanging. But this time I got them in writing. So, at my half way point, I've decided to look back and see where I'm at and how I can continue to improve!

I had five primary resolutions, and then some personal/professional goals. I'm gonna go ahead a rank my progress on each resolution on a 1-5 scale, because I like a little quantitative data here and there. ;) 

1. Eat right & exercise regularly
Progress: 2/5
I would say I have increased my general awareness in these areas. I was the, how you say, Biggest Winner? in the Biggest Loser competition at my school, actually gaining weight throughout the 12 week competition. #oops However, I am paying lots of attention to my daily activity, using my FitBit. I am also on/off tracking what I eat. Somedays, that is a total flop. However, I am looking forward to doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge here in a few weeks when school finishes and I have time to pay attention to the food I'm consuming.

2. Increase my financial awareness: what I make and what I spend
Progress: 1/5
I have not really paid much attention to this, frankly. Without a lot of forethought, we have been fortunate enough to spend when we need to, save when we can, and only make big purchases when necessary. I am really lucky to have an extremely financially savvy husband who makes sure that we make sound decisions.

3. Improve my friendships: write/text/call a different person weekly
Progress: 3/5
Though I have not been incredibly intentional about this, I feel like I am slowly easing out of my hermit phase that began when I started the crazy stressful life-sucking job. I have been doing some texting, some trip planning, some Facebook stalking. I even was asked to be a bridesmaid in sweet friend's wedding next summer!

4. Strengthen my faith: daily bible study
Progress: 3/5
She Reads Truth is quite possibly one of the best things that has happened to me this year.  This goal isn't 5/5, because I still have six months left in the calendar year, and because I feel like I can always do better, but I am so refreshed and so motivated by the simple Bibly studies they put together FOR FREE. I began the Nehemiah study this week with their study packs (which are not free, but are worth the cost thus far!), and I know the Lord has been speaking to me. I am in the process of making some tough choices and in a time where I could be extremely stressed and worried, I just feel so at peace. SO amen for that!

5. Clear the clutter: in my home & my classroom
Progress: 3/5
President's Day Weekend, B & I did it BIG and cleaned out our house and made our office into a functional room and not a clutter-catcher. It was maybe not the way we would have planned to spend our three days off, but it was SO worth it. We made some space and some money. I have been slowly but surely working through some of the clutter in my classroom. It seems to be a never-ending project though, because once I clean out one space, I find MORE. Ugh. And now, I need to finally get back in the other classroom (remember, I used to have 2?!) and find the things that are MINE. What a challenge.

Successes with my other goals: 
  • I have been able to plan more effectively by getting ahead and using my Life Planner from Erin Condren (but I'm debating breaking the train and trying Mrs. Ley's lil beauty next year... thoughts?)
  • I have started coaching a local swim team a couple nights a week, and it has been such a nice way to get out of the classroom and out of the house! Plus, a great way to get involved in swimming again without having to shove my honey back into a training suit. ;)
  • I have been reading and reading and reading. I downloaded the Kindle app for my iPad and iPhone so I can kinda read whenever/wherever and I am also occasionally listening to books on CD when I have to make the long drive home alone or when I get bored/sleepy on my drive to work.
So, 2014 and I clearly have some more work to do... but I think we've got some things to be proud of as well!

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