23 July 2013

NAILED IT part 2: attire

* you can even do this before you even begin officially applying*

You've got reference letters and a marvelous portfolio. Now what?

PLAN YOUR ATTIRE. You want to wear something that you are comfortable in, but definitely still look professional. Shoot me if you want, but I would say that does not include a sundress or any kind of sundress/cardigan/sandal combo. 

I am certainly no fashionista, but I think Whitney from Along the Lines of Style is one of the best teacher style bloggers I've ever come across. Her outfits are professional and still reflect her young personality. They are also reasonably priced- sista shops on a teacher's budget! She recommends 10 pieces every teacher should own (which you could totes wear to an interview and then get more use out of), but my faves for potential interview ensembles are:

[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

[I also enjoy this lady's blog for teacher clothing ideas]

BASICALLY, cover your goodies, wear comfy shoes (I went on a campus-wide walking tour during my interview!), and look like someone you'd want to hire.

Veteran Teachers, help me out here! What did you wear to your interview? What would you recommend?

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