25 July 2013

NAILED IT part 3: love yourself, love your district


You've got a marvelous portfolio, a professionally adorable outfit. Now what? 

Two important next steps:

RESEARCH the district that you'll be interviewing with. Scour their website(s), look them up on greatschools, etc. Stalk 'em real good.

And then, have questions prepared. A good question is one that shows your research annnnd offers the interviewer(s) an opportunity to dazzle you with their offerings and programs and such. For example:

Good question: "I know your district uses the [insert whatever behavior management plan/learning model]. Can you tell me a little more about how that plays into the day to day routine in a classroom?"

Bad question: "How many days off do I get?" Haha, but really, anything that is clearly visible on their website is not a great question, nor is anything that makes you look unenthusiastic. 


SPEND SOME QUALITY "I LOVE ME" TIME a couple times before the interview. Do you have old papers and projects, letters, evaluations from cooperating teachers or professors? Read them. They will help you cultivate answers to our next step annnnd make you feel pretty darn confident! I mean, you are really really cool. You might just need some help coming up with concrete reasons why. (:

While you are feeling confident and sassy, CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES. I'm sure this is painfully obvious and maybe you don't even have this issue... but don't you dare have any photos that are revealing a lot of shenanigans or a lot of skin or a lot of alcohol (ok, actually just no alcohol). Keep your prof pics classy, and your profiles super private. Sign out of all of them and then look at them to see what prospective employers might see. And think twice about friending/following anyone at your hopefully future school, at least for the time being- gotta keep a nice, professional persona rockin!

Check back SATURDAY for the last step in your interview prep process!

Veteran teachers, holler! What do you think prospective teachers should know about a school going into an interview? What makes you feel good about yourself prior to an interview? Where would you draw the line on social media?

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