19 July 2013

My Favorite Things: Feels Like Home

linking up with Halle again this week!
This past November, my then-fiancé and I officially found out where we'd be living for the next 3+ years. Though we had some other options, we decided that buying a house would be a great option because [insert financial wisdom from the husband here]. I was all on board! We did a quick search, toured some homes, and officially purchased this little beauty in January.
(this is not her most flattering angle, so I tried to jazz it up with my new A Beautiful Mess app!)
R signed the dotted line and then skiddadled off to five months of training elsewhere, so the red house was inhabited by a few of his sweet friends (I promise it was a far less sketchy deal than it sounds... more of an extended house sitter situation!), and then we FINALLY officially moved in two weeks after we got married. 

...of course, two weeks after that, he promptly left for another month of training, and I decided to go on a month-long road trip/vacation, soooo the moving in process is happening slowly, but surely. If you're interested, you'll probably see more about the red house on my personal blog, A Couple of Beans.

Things that are making me love my house currently are:

Magnolia Scented Candles- I love these by Circle C (which are thankfully sold at our local Ace Hardware), but my mama also found some at Wally World recently for a steal!
Yellow Kitchen Aid- Christmas present from Santa this year. He knows me too well. (:
My lovely Kuerig- a morning just isn't the same without a cup of coffee!

My great-grandparents' dining room set that my sweet dad drove to Florida and back in 3 days to get

And, inspired by my Red House pin board, these are some purchases/projects I want to get on ASAP:

Our new leather couches feel like buttah, but are a little boring...

Our entry way is literally just a big blank wall. I think something like this would be delightful!

Truth: I'm not really in love with the whole "home is where the air force sends you" decor... but I think this expresses how I feel quite nicely!


  1. Thanks for a fun visit via Favorite Things. I enjoyed reading about your new adventures and especially loved the last sign. WIth several loved ones in the military now and previously, we know well that's a GREAT way to look at things. Have a lovely week.