10 July 2013

Resource Thursday: Manageable Worksheets

This cool idea was one of my favorite Pinterest finds of the summer. It linked me back to this blog.

Though I have some, my experience with students older than 2nd grade is minimal. This seems like a great idea to provide a visually sectioned off work for any grade. My sweet friend from college commented on the pin, saying, "We did this in my class to help kids with note taking!" Ding ding ding, genius!

I love that this tool can be used throughout a students entire education at any grade level or subject area. You can use it to help students who are distracted and/or overwhelmed by seeing large amounts of work. It can be a tool so students can have a sheet broken into guided practice and independent sections or having a teacher check a section before they move on to working independently.

It is also on that could be visually and easily changed to be easier or harder. Start with skinny strips (less work) and then either make thicker strips (more work) or tape them together. Students can work up to doing more at a time if the work is a consistent number of problems/questions or they folders could be adjusted to each specific assignment.

But y'all, the best part is...


Can I get a hallelujah? 

Dry Erase Circles

I have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks, so I haven't purchased any circles yet but I did find a bunch of options for them on Amazon here:



  1. I never thought of changing the strip size for differentiation! I did use it for a student who had ADHD. It really helped relieve her anxiety and limit distractions when completing text-heavy ELA assessments. Thanks for the new idea!

    Super Sparkly in Second

    1. So glad to hear from someone who has actually used this tool- a lot of times I get nervous writing about something I don't have expeience with. Thanks for stopping by! (: