04 July 2013

Resource Thursday: Dry Erase Circles

Happy 4th, y'all! I'm spending some quality time with my family, but I set this little guy up to post while we're floating in the pool and eating BBQ! Hope you're enjoying good food with even better company!

I found this idea on Pinterest, and it linked me back to Kinder Keri's blog.

This idea is straight genius. I try to avoid having lots of extra distractions, and moving white boards can be pretty distracting. Also, if they're mushed on the table, I can see EXACTLY what my nugs are writing (tell me I'm not the only one whose students practice their character drawing and fancy signatures when they're supposed to be involved in guided reading)!

I plan to use them in my small group lessons (which is all of my teaching), but I'm also thinking I could come up with some fun review games where students rotate to solve problems on each circle or something. Or, they could be good defined workspaces for some of my students that need a little extra visual support.

Any ideas about where I can get these circles? I've seen them at Target, but would it be cheaper to find them in bulk online?

Update on my Data Tracking:
I haven't tried this on actual parents/teachers/students, but I did send it to my girl Al to test, and I tested it myself. Loving the way it keeps all my data lined up and organized. I'm definitely gonna be making more Google Forms!

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